Zooma Cape Cod Half Marathon | Training Week 6 Recap

Six weeks down already! I have to say, I am now reminded as to why I stuck to running 3 milers primarily last Summer! I thought by now I would be better acclimated, but that’s definitely not the case. Training for last years 10K was much easier given the heat and humidity. Remind me why I chose a Fall half marathon that would require me to train during the Summer??? I’m not going to beat myself up over my training plan…this is all for fun after all.

Anyway, the plan for the week was as follows:

Sunday: 8 miler, but I wanted to do 12 to make up for the missed long run last week.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 12 x 400 {2 mi slow, .25 fast, 30 sec slow, .25 fast, 30 sec slow, .25 fast and so on}

Wednesday: 6 miles

Thursday: 5 x 1 {2 mi slow, 1 mi fast, 1 min slow, 1 mi fast, 1 min slow and so on}

Friday: Rest {cross-train}

Saturday: 6 miles slow

On the Saturday night before my scheduled long run, I awoke with nausea. Yipee! My mom is so kind to share her germs. It didn’t result in anything other than that. Obviously not feeling well made me decide the 12 miles I was hoping to do first thing in the morning was a no-go. I’m jinxed when it comes to the 12 milers.


Sunday, I stayed home as I didn’t think it would be good for my body to do a long run after being up all night with an upset tummy. I didn’t want to be THAT person puking on the side of the road. Yuck!

I felt fine on Monday and decided I would try to make up some miles and do my long run. I had a later than usual start to the run, just trying to gain motivation. The heat was rising and finally I got out the door late morning. I managed 9 miles thanks to my Nuun (water hydration enhancer tablets) and Honey Stinger Energy Chews (pomegranate). The last20140716-150516-54316541.jpg mile was more of a run/walk interval as the heat was zapping all I had at 11:30am. I was disappointed to not complete the full distance (10:45 pace), but at the same time I was glad I had managed what I did.

I didn’t run on Tuesday. I was in couch potato mode due to the thunder-storm.

Wednesday I had a planned run with another run bud of mine. The weather was iffy since we’ve been having frequent thunder and lightning storms, sometimes severe, do to the heat and humidity. I don’t mind running in the rain, but storms…forget it. I like have a perfect record for not getting struck by lightning:) Just incase the weather wasn’t going to hold out for our run, I snuck in a kick ass workout in the morning which I plan on continuing with increasing intensity over the next few weeks.

50 squats
45 push-ups
20 bicep curls
25 kick backs
30 ins-and-outs (abs)
20 russian twists
20 jumping jacks
20 burpees straight out of hell (chest to the ground)
20 mountain climbers

It’s the damn burpees that kill me. Felt great til then.

I purchased these for the first time. Have you tried them? I love coconut so this is the first flavor of the three I purchased. I intend to try them out on my longer runs to see if I 20140716-150518-54318290.jpgcan cut back on some of the sugary fuel. I know sugar is important for fueling, but I think if I balance it well with other fuel that is higher in sugar I can get good results…we’ll see. I just don’t care to rely on GU and chews for my only fueling options and these seem to be a good size to tuck into shorts pockets. My only concern is the amount of fiber (4g) “Runners Trots” in that little packet.

Thursday’s run was scheduled around dinner time with a different friend of mine who I share a run with from time to time. I thought it was going to go a lot easier than it did. I was huffing and puffing to keep the 10:00 pace. Granted we were chatting up a storm compromising my breathing a little. The heat is just not my friend. I love being able to go outside without layers and I’m getting an incredible tan (even with SPF)…but it’s more taxing on my body. Granted, when it’s 90 degrees out now, it’s 100 degrees warmer than some of my Winter runs were. Crazy, right! The run ended up being a steady 9:50-10:10 pace. Only totaled 3.75 miles. My friend doesn’t do higher mileage. Overall, it was a good run and it was fun having a different run bud for the evening.

I don’t know if this is something anyone else has in common, but the night before a run I’m excited and motivated to run. Then the morning comes and I can barely get out the door. That’s exactly how my morning was today. I was supposed to have a 5 miler planned with a frequent run bud, but she had to cancel at the last-minute. Since I had already gotten ready, I had no excuse to go back to bed. My body was tight, but the temps were right. 60 degrees. The sun was out and the cooler air felt A-MAZ-ING! Mile 1 was a 10:06, Mile 2 a 10:23, Mile 3 10:23, Mile 4 10:11 and Mile 5 10:08. I also completed another workout:

55 squats
45 push-ups {tough this time since I was sore from Wednesday’s round}
21 curls
30 kick backs
30 crunches
22 russian twists
30 jumping jacks
20 burpees
20 mountain climbers

The weather was gorgeous on Friday morning. I would have loved to run. Instead, I had an appointment, followed by needed errands to prepare for my bestie’s baby shower on Saturday and decided to fall in with my planned rest day. I did do another workout similar to the one above, but bumped squats, curls, etc up a little (see my previous post for the actual workout list). Overall, a good day.

I planned my Saturday, run with my usual run bud, soaking in all these wonderful morning temps. Both days were exceptional runs. Saturday we pulled in a 6 miler doing one of our old loop routes in the opposite direction to switch it up. Amazing how it’s the same scenery, but backwards really refreshed it.

I will now refer back to my Big Lake Half Marathon training schedule blending the two training plans in order to accommodate my body, weather and goals. I think it’s for the best with hot humid weather continuing through July and August and how poorly my training runs are going in the heat. It will end up being a good balance of mileage between the two plans.


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Restless on Rest Day

I’m sitting here with my laptop typing and I don’t even have my eyes open. I’m  so tired! Very shortly I will be off to bed. Ok my eyes are open now. Yawn. I had a good day and was in a weird mood all day. I worked from home (yay!) and my kids had friends over all day for a Nerf gun war. In the house. Seriously…eventually I kicked sent them outside to continue their game.

Today is a rest day for me, but I just can’t seem to settle down. I considered and reconsidered a run today at least 50 times…trying to stay good and rest. My body is sore as hell. In the end, I did good and didn’t run. I did however do a workout…which is the reason I’m sore to begin with and will likely be sore still tomorrow.

Below is the workout I’ve been doing (found on Pinterest) and you will see mentions of it in my half marathon week 6 training recap (which wraps up tomorrow and will likely post by the end of the weekend). I’ll try not to bore you too much.

Daily fitness routine that is kicking my butt!

I hurt a little bit of everywhere. The push-ups have been the hardest for me thus far. Followed closely by burpees (chest to the ground). I actually like this regiment and although I’m not likely to be as consistent as this challenge suggests I’m enjoying the increasing reps. I also like cycling and other activities, which is why I’ll deviate from time to time to have other summer fun. I like options. I don’t want to ball and chain myself to a specific plan right now.

Sumo squats are what I’ve been doing this week. I am going to vary in order to work different muscle groups and reduce boredom.

For the curls, I’m doing multiple types of dumbbell workouts. I’ve done bicep curls, lateral lifts, overhead whatevers…half the time I don’t know what the name of an exercise is. Mostly with 15 lb. dumbbells. On the lateral lifts I reduced to 6 lbs. They are really tough for me and I’m planning to build up.

For the crunches, I’ve done ins and outs and regular crunches.

If I keep at it, I might be bad ass enough to own the Spartan race in August. Give the challenge a try.

That’s all for now, I’m off to bed.

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The Spartan Race is Sneaking Up on Me

Over the last several weeks my primary blog focus has been on training for my 2nd half marathon, the Zooma Cape Cod. Here and there, you may have read that I am also in the midst of training for my 1st Spartan race, my 1st ORC ever! It scares me.

Only three weeks away from the Spartan and I feel unprepared. I have been focusing my cross-training for the half marathon on upper body strength training about twice a week. Lately, it seems more like once a week. I have no better excuse other than…I’m busy! I do realize that if I truly want to go into this race and complete as many obstacles as possible without going to the burpee penalty box…I best get my arms in shape! Overall, I think I’m pretty fit and should be able to complete a Spartan Sprint without too much difficulty. I do realize it’s very likely I will be doing burpees and maybe lots of them. Some obstacles allow for 2 tries, others are a one shot deal. Uh-oh.

Palmerton, PA Mud Run 2014 - Spartan sprint

Image from the Spartan race website

With that, I’ve decided I’m going to do burpees (great exercise on their own) more regularly and do more lifting and arm exercises with my Powerblocks. Along with that, I’ll continue my running and various other activities that I enjoy like cycling, walking and crossfit. After all, I signed up for this race to kick my own butt have fun.

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Zooma Cape Cod Half Marathon | Training Week 5 Recap

What an exciting week it has been.  Week 5 of training for my 2nd half marathon has been packed full of training, adventure and accomplishments! Does it get any better than that? Choices, Chances, Changes.

Summer is in full swing here in New England. The flowers are blooming and everyone is out-and-about doing things. Unlike the bunkered down winters…unless you’re into Winter sports (I’m not). Open the windows and you’ll likely hear the rumble of someone mowing their lawn and catch the scent of fresh-cut grass. LOVE. The weather itself makes you feel like you can go out and do anything.

Anyway, the plan for this training week was exciting. Now, keep in mind, I’m also planning a Spartan race in 4 weeks…and need to focus on some strength training as well as my running. Whew.

Sunday: 12 miles slow

Monday: Rest/cross train

Tuesday: 5 miles slow

Wednesday: 5 miles slow

Thursday: 5 miles easy

Friday: Rest/cross train

Saturday: 5 miles slow

I’m sad to report that my Sunday long run only tapped out at 2.2 miles…I found out that I had missed putting one of my son’s soccer games on my calendar and among the other plans we had already scheduled…a 12 miler was not going to fit. Alas, it was my own fault and poor planning. I decided to make the best of it and get my son out for a more his distance kind of run and at least do something. Managed a 9:50 pace, which is pretty good for him.

Monday, this is where the adventure sneaks in. We had taken the day off of work and planned to go zip lining up at Gunstock. This has been on my bucket list for quite some time as well as wall climbing. It was an expensive day, but totally worth scratching these off the list and being out of my element. I am much braver than I thought. The zip line tour guides do well preparing you for how the equipment works and start you out on the lower “practice” lines before setting you out on the ski lift to the peak to ride down the master line, which they say can max out at 65 mph (one of the guides said their record was 85 mph). Which is likely why my nerves were so intense…I was excited and ready.

Yes, we were exaggerating for the photo op

Yes, we were exaggerating for the photo op

The view from the top was breathtaking. Really, to see the top not covered in snow at this ski resort and then to know you’re going to ride a line to the base…EPIC!

Panoramic view from the top

Panoramic view from the top

What an exhilarating and empowering experience. Time flies when you’re having fun. Truly it was over so quick! I wanted to go again. Once zip lining was done and our group finished we headed to the other activities we had planned at the base of the resort. Wall climbing was definitely on my to-do list, but first we needed to entertain my kids. My youngest wasn’t old enough to participate in the zip lining, so he hadn’t had much fun til now.

Spider Climb

Spider Climb (looking up through from the first level)

This gem was deceiving. Outside it looked like an easy climb to the top (followed by a slide down). My youngest could not maneuver through this on his own, but had a blast trying. His brother and friend helped him complete it. Even us grown ups got in on the fun. It was hard. All those straps are bungee and balance, strategy and strength are the only things helping you (unless you’re my son) to the top about 8 levels up… I felt like I was in an un-muddy version of the Spartan race we are training for. This is actually great practice. A FuN fUn challenge.

We did a whole bunch of activities, which I would include if I was writing a novel. For now, I’ll edit down to the best of the best.

Here I am wall climbing. Wow. This was way harder than I thought it was. Essentially if 20140710-094333-35013754.jpgyou can find the right grips, you’ll be good focusing on using lower body strength. Grip

strength is definitely something I need to improve on. It took me 4 tries (granted 3 were on the harder sides). I finally made it up and rang that bell. Unfortunately no pic of that. I actually rang two bells…why waste an opportunity right?

Tuesday, I woke up feeling the soreness from Monday’s activities. Mostly my shoulders, forearm and triceps. Probably from the wall climbing. Worth it! I ran 5 miles and felt great.

The tire! It's a biggin.

It’s a biggin.

I woke up on Wednesday feeling tight and stiff. Apparently, the activities were still setting into my muscles. I decided a morning run was not best for me and slept in a little longer. My hubby decided he wanted to do some cross training and suggested we flip tires that evening and that’s exactly what we did. We started the circuit with some dynamic stretches to warm up. A 1/2 mile run. Then flipped the tire 3 times (each of us), did 10 chest to the ground burpees then ran 1/4 mile. We did this for 4 sets. It’s a 540 lb. tire or so I’m told. And yes, I can pretty much do it myself. My husband helps balance it at the midway point as to help me adjust my hands to better position myself to send the tire over. It’s quite a workout, which leaves bruises and much dirt. It’s not something we do often, but it’s nice to switch up workouts.

Thursday morning was a little off. I had 5 miles planned and was going to do them early morning with my run bud. She was then unable to do an early run, so we postponed it a few hours and I worked from home in order to do so. Then we headed out. She managed 4 miles, which were a struggle for her near the end due to the heat I suppose. I did the complete 5 and averaged a 10:27 pace. The conversational pace helps me reel it in for my training, otherwise I tend to run faster than I’m supposed to and risk injury. I really enjoy my run bud runs. Do you prefer to run alone or with a buddy?

I went out to eat Friday night and had drinks with my hubby and friends. It was nice to have “adult” time after spending the day at a nearby zoo/ride park. My “rest” for the day was walking. A very good day and my body thanked me.

Saturday followed with an 8am meet-up with my run bud for a scheduled slow 5 miler. It wasn’t too eventful other than we did a slight switch up to a frequented route of ours. The twist was a fair hill which threw in a challenge within the first mile. We’ve avoided hills for some time now running together as she recovered from her knee injury. The morning sky was cloudless and the temps favorable. The run went by so quickly chit-chatting. I’m hoping tomorrow’s long run goes well. I only have 8 miles scheduled, but am planning on 12 to make up for the long run I missed last Sunday.

My stomach is doing all kinds of crazy stuff though and it’s concerning me as a few people I know have come down with “a bug” which is the last thing I need and hope it passes without me being up all night or having a mid-run incident in the morning! I really want to do this long run.

Love the run!

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Zooma Cape Cod Half Marathon | Training Week 4 Recap

Wow, this last week of training has been a complete blur. I realized yesterday that I hadn’t even started this weeks recap and that I was in a new week of training! Crazy busy. I know you’ve been on the edge of your seat waiting for this (not really).

The week, like I said, was a blur. My son has started his Summer soccer program which has me at games (traveling) a few times a week on top of my running schedule. I’m not complaining, I love going to the games and watching the team play. On top of his games, he’s working on his fitness and trying to increase his running distance as suggested by his high school coach for tryouts. Will he make the team? I will cry if he doesn’t have no idea! If he does–great. If he doesn’t, he’ll have a better idea of what he needs to work on for tryouts next year. I’ve been working with him on this running thing…it’s hard getting his butt out the door and trying to run with him along with my training schedule.

On top of that, my fridge died. It’s 90 something degrees out and yeah my fridge dies. Off to the store I went to buy bags of ice to try and keep the $200+ worth of groceries I had just bought from spoiling.

Anyway, this was the plan for the week:

Sunday: 10 miles slow

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 5 Miles + strides

Wednesday: 7 Miles steady

Thursday: 8 Miles {2 miles slow, 4 fast, 2 miles slow}

Friday: Cross train

Saturday: 6 miles slow

Sunday’s 10 mile run was long great. The weather thankfully cooperated with temps in the 60′s at 7 am! That is rare this time of the year and perfect for a long run. My run bud joined in for the run. She wasn’t planning on doing the full distance and did it anyway. Miles 4-7 seemed tougher than they should have. Once I hit the 7 mile mark on my Garmin, the rest seemed like a breeze. I did use energy blocks at mile 5 and followed that with GU at mile 7 with Powerade/water mix. I finished strong.

Monday was a rest day and boy did it feel nice to not have any “activity” planned. I found myself restless and decided to take one of my dogs for a walk. A short 1.3 miles, but my pup wasn’t interested in going further in the heat and was happy to help herself to a large bowl of water upon our return home. This is the day my fridge died and I spent my afternoon shopping for the best deal and a fridge that had the features I wanted.

My new freaking fridge!

My new freaking fridge!

Tuesday I was high on life with a kick ass 5 mile run + strides. There was a gusty breeze that felt so refreshing at 66 degrees {94% humidity}. I love Summer! My pace averaged a 10:37. Nothing spectacular, but wasn’t supposed to be.

Then uh-oh Wednesday came. My body was not having any of this “running” business. I

Brooks PureCadence 3. Love these bad boys!

Brooks PureCadence 3. Love these bad boys!

felt run down (literally) and decided to use it as a rest day instead. I’ve learned my lesson and will end up over trained and injured if I push through these types of days too often. Slap a “L” for L-O-S-E-R on my forehead. My new running shoes arrived early in the morning and even THAT wasn’t motivation enough for me to run.

Thursday was my retribution day. Feeling strong and rested. I whipped through an 8 mile run. Temps were in the 70′s and my average pace was a 9:49. It was a hot run, or at least I felt like it around mile 6 when I hit a wall. I stopped in the shade for a minute and sucked down some Powerade/water mix and continued on feeling much better. I also got to wear my new shoes (pictured above) for the first time!

The 4th of July was a complete wash out. No holiday BBQ’s today! It rained downpoured all day. I did some burpees (helping me prep for the Spartan race in August)
and use my weights for cross-training while I watched some TV. I hadn’t watched TV in weeks, so this was a nice treat. We also went to the movies and saw Transformers in IMAX 3D. Insane! Long movie (almost 3 hours). I definitely suggest it and I also heard a rumor that Mark Wahlberg signed on for 2 more sequels…

Saturday I kicked it back into gear with a 6 miler, which for 4 miles my average was slow, like it was supposed to be. Then my run bud had to stop, with pain, and I continued on at a much faster pace. I couldn’t seem to help myself. It felt good so I went with it. My average pace ended up being a 10:03. I hauled for those last two miles between an 8:40 and a 9:10 pace and it felt easy. I actually didn’t even realize it at the time.

Just a couple of thoughts to wrap up this week’s blog. My son asked me when I’m “gonna run a marathon”. Seriously, I’m getting pressure from my teenager…why the pressure? Isn’t a half marathon enough? Is it? Now he has me thinking…new goal for 2015?

This morning my Mother and I were chit-chatting about my running schedule and said something about me winning a race. I told her I’m too slow to win a race and that’s not why I race. She said, “Why not? Isn’t that what you train for?” Well, yeah I train to run the race, beat my own PR’s–but at best can’t touch the times the local “elite” runners do for times. I laughed and answered, “I train for me.” She replied with, “That’s winning isn’t it?!” Those words made me smile, because at that moment I realized she was proud of me, no matter what pace I run. Even being a thirty-something Mom, it’s nice to hear encouragement from my Mom.

Dream BIG!









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Zooma Cape Cod Half Marathon | Training Week Week 3 Recap

Ok, the plan for the week was:
Sunday: 9 miles easy
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 5 miles + strides
Wednesday: 7 miles steady 9:30-10:00 pace
Thursday: 4×1 intervals (fast being 8:35-8:45 pace)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 5 miles slow

…What really happened was…

Sunday I ran the 9 miles at the Rockingham Rail Trail from the Massabessic Lake entry point (which I have been dying, repeat DYING to do). I’ve biked the trail before and hadn’t run it before. The first 6 miles were mentally tough. Not sure if it’s because I wanted to run faster or because I couldn’t. The last 3 miles, I gave into whatever pace my body wanted to run, slower, and ended with a 10:30 avg pace. Overall, I really want to run there again for a long run.

I recommend this trail whole heartedly. <3

Monday, we left for NYC. This I knew would compromise my training and I was ok with that. I would say that I "rested" today (from running). As far as physical activity…off the charts! On our commute we stopped at Ty Law's Launch Trampoline Park in Hartford, CT.


Both the hubs and I had as much fun as our kids bouncing around. Oh, and what a workout! Then we continued on to NYC where we walked, walked and walked some more. By 10PM my legs were toast.

Tuesday, the hubs and I went for a 3 mile (not the 5+strides I was supposed to do). It was fantastic knocking this destination run off my bucketlist. Every time we’ve gone to NYC, I’ve wanted to run the Hudson and finally did! Definitely suggested. Plus, walked and walked all day. Went to bed early, took ibuprofen and hoped my knee and hip would feel better by morning.



All the standing and walking gave me no desire to run on Wednesday. Ugh. No pain, but knew the walking was killing me. It’s the hours upon hours taking the toll more than the actual walking. 9-12 hours on my feet per day is a lot more than my typical day at my desk job…pity party.

No run again on Thursday. Slacked, I know. Now by this point I was feeling like a failure! I had to work, then take my kiddo shopping for needed soccer gear for his Friday night game. Didn’t get home until late and went to bed early. AAHHHH sleep:)

Finally on Friday I got back in the game with a 6 mile run morning run before work. Tried to make up for some lost mileage but falling into a time constraint to get ready for work…turned out to be a good run and an upper for my psyche.

Saturday I dropped my son off at soccer clinic in the morning and met my run bud for the 5 miler. We went off route exploring, which ended up making our run a little shorter. Normally, we would run beyond our designated end point to make up the distance. However, the heat was just killing us the last stretch and running beyond the theoretical finish line wasn’t going to happen. We finished at 4.4 miles. I could have done the last 1/2 mile…but why? Would it really have up’d my fitness? Nope. Would I have wanted to pass out…likely. I hadn’t taken water with me on my run. I figured it was a quickly and I’d be fine. Nope. From now on, I’m bringing the water. I even bought a handheld Nathan water bottle.


This coming weeks temps and humidity are on the rise. Plus, 4th of July! Should be interesting.

Run Happy Everyone:) Have a Happy and safe holiday!

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Zooma Cape Cod Half Marathon | Training Week 2 Recap

Zooma Cape Cod Half Marathon | Training Plan Week 2:

Sunday: 7 Miles steady

Monday: Xtrain (Burpees and push ups and cycle)

Tuesday: 5 Miles {slow} + Strides {3 strides at 95% effort with 2:00 recovery between}

Wednesday: 3 Miles slow

Thursday: 8 Miles {2 miles slow, 4 fast {8:50-9:10}, 2 slow}

Friday: Xtrain (Crossfit)

Saturday: 5 Miles slow

Sunday’s run went well. The weather was gorgeous. One of those days you get a runner’s high before even starting the run. The sun was out, but not fierce. There was a cool breeze, but yet the temps were nice enough to wear shorts, tank and SPF and water {goes without saying}. I met my run buddy for the first 3 miles at a conversational pace. I tried to pick up the pace a little bit but she didn’t budge. She is on the fence with injury and pushing it causes set backs at this point in the game. After our 3 miles together, I continued on for 4 miles at a 9:52 pace. I stopped a couple of times to drink my water and once popped an energy block. I usually don’t fuel during these shorter runs, but with the heat and hydration issues I’ve needed the extra carbs and electrolytes.

Monday I did burpees, burpees and more GD burpees! Oh, sweet hell. I did a total of 45 push-up burpees, then 15 modified push-ups, planks and then a dumbbell arm and shoulder workout. Seriously, the burpees were the worst.

Tuesday, I met up with my run bud again and hit the trails. It was an 85*F sunny afternoon and the trails seemed like the best option to stay cool. Therefore, I decided to swap the planned mileage with Wednesday’s. We noted that next time we hit the trail, bug stray will be part of the regiment after my run bud swallowed an unknown type of flying insect which was quite disgusting and funny at the same time. Disgusting for her, funny for me. Hehe. A total of 3.26 miles in 35:19 averaging a 10:50 pace. Really slow.

Wednesday morning was gorgeous. I had checked the weather forecast Tuesday night trying to plan the best time to run. I decided the morning would be the coolest and knowing I had a busy afternoon planned, it would be the best way to get the miles in stress-free. I headed out after the kids were off to school. There was a breeze, which felt AMAZING. It was still a warm 70*F. My splits were:

  • Mile 1 9:53 {Way faster than I was supposed to be running}
  • Mile 2 10:05 {I was trying so hard to slow down}
  • Mile 3 10:34 {Got it}
  • Mile 4 10:07 {Speeding up again…wth}
  • Mile 5 10:21 {damn it}
  • Strides
    • 9:52/10:36/9:28/10:20/9:30/10:42/10:22
    • I was out of steam at the end. Red was my “fast”

Thursday’s 8 miler was KILLER! I felt like I was running much slower than I actually was. Knowing I was well hydrated and my diet is what it typically would be, it must simply have been the heat or the fact it was the 3rd day in a row that I ran and no rest day since…last Friday? Keep in mind I felt like I was in survival mode most of this run. I chose a route that was majority shade and that was a huge help. There was also some elevation, which seemed to land in my miles 3-6 and definitely contributed to my lack luster pace. Prior to the hot, sunny hill, my avg pace in that interval was  9:12-9:28. Anywhooo–Here’s the breakdown of the run.

  • Mile 1 & 2 Avg Pace 10:28
  • Miles 3-6 Avg Pace 10:12 (not nearly as fast as it should have been)
  • Miles 7-8 Avg Pace 10:46
  • Total Avg Pace was 10:19



Friday was a breezy cooler day and I wanted to run so badly passing fellow runners on my drive to work and doing errands. The look of envy probably radiated through my windshield. I knew that my body would benefit from a day off of running and that is the only reason I didn’t run. I opted for a bike ride with my kids. 6 miles. It was enough of a distraction for my restless self. I love riding with them.

Saturday. AAHHHH. The last run of this training week only to be followed by the long run. Planned a 5 miler with my run bud (and all around friend). The weather was promising at 58*F more or less. Hey, a nice relief from sweltering 80′s lately. Since run bud and I had a busy day planned, we decided to meet earlier than usual. 8 AM. I’m not the rise and shine kinda gal. Calling me a morning person would be laced with sarcasm;) I set my alarm for 7, to ensure I’d have enough time to get dressed in the clothes I set out the night before, eat light and suck down some H2O. It was a good run. I felt refreshed. Speed was not the goal and our pace reflected that with a 10:50 +/- avg pace. My run bud managed the entire run which is a milestone for her with a knee issue.

Long run tomorrow;)

Next week is bound to be a challenge and I can’t really tell you why…yet. My next post will have all the nitty gritty.

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Zooma Cape Cod Half Marathon Training | Recap Week 1

Zooma Cape Cod Half Marathon Training | Week 1 Training:

Tuesday: 5 miles slow (10:10-10:40)

Wednesday: 3 miles slow + 2 strides (20s/2m/20s) 10:10-10:40 pace + 8:30/10:40/8:30

Thursday: 5 miles slow 10:10-10:40 pace

Friday: Cycle or Weights

Saturday: 5 miles slow 10:10-10:40 pace


As I had mentioned in my last post basically whining about how my training was supposed to begin, caught a cold (with allergies) and was held hostage to my house by my hubs on day 1. I did sneak in a 10 minute arm weight session. Short and sweet – I didn’t get caught.

Wednesday, I spaced it and forgot I had errands to run and a school meeting for my son. By the time I could run, I was beat. Excuses, excuses. But really, I love running so much. I don’t generally miss runs, so when I do–I am truly that busy or that sick!

Thursday, I FINALLY ran. I haven’t had days off of running since March when I was injured. It felt so good to be out again. I ran 4.22 miles with my run bud and then ran 1.11 with my son who’s training for his soccer team. He’s learning endurance. I recorded my average pace as 11:11, but that included time my son to stopped to tie his shoelace…I think our average pace was closer to 10:30.

Friday, the weather was a complete washout. Not a few sprinkles. More like a complete downpour. I could wash my car without having to rinse it kind of rain. Geez. We’ve had the craziest weather. The rain came down sideways…would have loved a bike ride, but that didn’t happen. I did stretching/yoga. My body needed it.

Saturday I managed a 5 miler. I felt great for the first 3 and the last two seemed a bit harder. I had my run buddy with me for the first 3 miles, which 10:30 is a bit slower for our typical conversational pace. Then I finished the last two miles with my son who is just beginning to run at a 9:42 pace. I do know I have not been hydrating enough with the warmer weather that I’m still acclimating to, which seemed to make those last two miles tougher than they really should have been.

To top all that off, I’m still suffering with allergies. The worst of the cold was done mid-week but i still have so much congestion in my nose and chest. I’m pretty sure it’s the grass pollen which is at a severe high in my area right now (and has been for a couple of weeks). I might just give in and buy some medicine. I want to be able to BREATHE when I run.ebd7ab9fa43f9ca9cbbe950d4b0d8a6d

A moment of reflection: On my last run as I was running along side my teenage son, I thought a lot about how running has truly changed my life. It sounds so cliché! To be doing something I love and then to have friends, my hubs or my son with me from time to time, makes it so much more than exercise. I started running to run. All I wanted was to be able to say I ran a mile. I never expected all this other “stuff”. I didn’t do it to lose weight, but I did. I’m fit. It’s changed how I eat. I workout in other ways now too. It’s given me a hobbies. It has introduced me to new people. It has given me more time with my family.

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Let the Training Begin…Again!

Today was supposed to be my official start to my September Zooma Cape Cod half marathon training. I’ve been doing low miles (3-5) since my last HM adjusting to the warmer weather, busy work schedule and allergies. Now, I have caught a cold. Go figure!

Anyway I had planned to run a slow 5 miles today. Which, I really would go out and do if my Husband would let me out the door. He knows how crappy I feel and is putting his foot down and holding me hostage (not really) in my house to rest. I’m even off the hook for cooking dinner–Yay!

I can’t believe I’m sick again. I just had a cold back in March and now again. I’m never sick this much. I guess I should be counting my blessings as it’s not the flu or some tummy bug that is still passing around here and there. Knock on wood:/

Overall, the plan will be 5 days/week running and rest/cross training on the other days. I think I’ll max out around 45 or 46 miles per week. Hoping for a sub 2 hour half. Ambitious for me. Really, I’m hoping to just beat my previous HM time of 2:23:50 and maybe hit a 2:15:00. A bit more than my last training plan, but if I feel like my body can handle it, I’ll follow it and if it starts to feel like I’m over-training I’ll revert to my Big Lake Half Marathon training plan that I followed with success.

The plan for the week is as follows:

Today: Pass (supposed to be 5 miles easy)
Wednesday: 3 miles slow + 2 strides (20s/2m/20s) 10:10-10:40 pace + 8:30/10:40/8:30
Thursday: 5 miles slow 10:10-10:40 pace
Friday: Cycle or Weights
Saturday: 5 miles slow 10:10-10:40 pace

I’ll post a recap on Sunday of how the week actually goes…

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Riding on the Rockingham Rail Trail – Massabessic Lake Trailhead

Part of my families 2014 recreation plan is to enjoy more of the local FREE attractions that are available to residents and tourists. My husband and I have an active lifestyle and want our children too as well (mold them while they’re young). Last year we began biking, since my husband prefers it over running. Crazy right?! Mostly around neighborhood streets to spend some casual family time together. Now, we’ve invested further after seeing how much our children enjoy it and realizing how much fun we can really have.

Last week we had explored the Windham Rail Trail together. See my post here. We had a blast and it was a good length for the kids (8 & 13). They’re still building their summer fitness after being video game couch potatoes (for the most part) over the Winter. We aren’t much for winter sports.

A few days later, on Memorial Day, we decided to take to the Rockingham Rail Trail to enjoy the gorgeous weather (we haven’t seen much lately) and get active! There are several access points to the Rockingham Rail Trail. You can easily find this info by “Googling” it. I used the Lake Massabessic connection near the boat launch. The trail is about 10 feet wide and unpaved. I was drawn to this trail because of its length (27 +/- miles), free parking and it’s near our home base. To reach the Massabesic Lake trailhead from Manchester take I-93 to route 101 east. Take exit 1 and make a right onto route 28 South/Londonderry Turnpike. The entrance for Massabesic Lake park is on the opposite side of the traffic circle after crossing Candia road. There are three port-a-potties located at the center of the parking lot. These are well maintained. Please note that Massabesic Lake does not allow swimming or motorized boats as it is a water source for the area. Fishing is permitted.

Shore view of Massabessic Lake

Shore view of Massabessic Lake

We parked, ate lunch at one of the various picnic tables available, viewed the magnificent lake view and sailboats, packed up our stuff and headed out on the trail start near the boat launch (actually we cut through the woods from our picnic table).

Boat launch entrance

Boat launch entrance

The trail is flat, well maintained and overall very scenic. Although the lake is only visible near the start of the trailhead (at least until 5 miles out where we stopped and turned around). There is still plenty more to see and enjoy. The trail was busier that day than it likely is on an average Monday, due to it being a holiday.

Considering how many people were out on the trail walking, biking, running–it wasn’t congested at all. Others were courteous and quite friendly (many “hello’s” were shared). Regardless, the trail still maintained the quiet of nature we all ventured there for. The weather was good and even though there had been rain within a day or two of our venture, the path was not muddy. I’m sure the mixed dirt, gravel and sand pathway makes for a messy mix given a significant rain. The bugs weren’t much of a bother because we were zooming along on our bikes. If we were walking, bug repellent probably would’ve been necessary being in the woods and all. There are a few swamps and ponds along the way, which encourage mosquito breeding grounds.


About 5 miles in, we came to a culvert near route 101. The kids thought this was spectacular. The culvert is safest to walk through, crouched over a little, pushing bikes along (adults). It is pretty dark. My iPhone flashlight did it no justice and either did our bike lights. The culvert is lined with wood. I did not come out with cobwebs, spiders or bats…so that’s good, right?!

Culvert near route 101

Culvert near route 101

The path narrows here and we turned around. Not because the path looked treacherous, because it isn’t. We just figured the kids wouldn’t make it back if we kept going. A 10 mile bike ride is fair.

The trail is passable with a hybrid bike (cross between a road bike and mountain bike). Lastly, there is one section leading up to the culvert (the only steep hill we encountered) very loose sand/gravel and we had to hop off and push the bikes up. Well…our oldest son made it up riding (on his hybrid) leading the pack, but my youngest did not (mountain bike–go figure) and killed the momentum for the rest of us.

Overall, it’s safe to say we will definitely explore this rail trail again. Perhaps from another access point to explore a new section. It’s clean, well maintained, scenic, quiet and definitely fun!

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