Zooma Cape Cod Half Marathon | The Race


Not located in Boston by the way

The race-cation began on Thursday, two days prior to the race. The travel to the Cape went smooth. I was disappointed by the change in weather forecast and we muddled through rain. We stopped for lunch at a new-to-us restaurant. It’s nice to see marathon memorabilia splashed on the walls of a sports bar…we don’t see that much in NH, but due to the Boston Marathon, MA is on it.


Shining Sea Bikeway

Shining Sea Bikeway

Friday began with some leftover rain which by late morning gave way to glorious sunshine. We couldn’t pass up an opportunity to ride the Shining Sea Bikeway. If you’re ever in Falmouth/N Falmouth, MA you should make a special effort to walk, run or ride the bikeway and take in some exceptional views.

Later in the afternoon, the Fitness Expo started and that’s where I planned to collect my race packet and swag bag. I <3  all the goodies I got. This also started my race jitters with excitement. I should have taken a pic of the expo. It was small, but everything was for WOMEN <3. I held back huge temptation to buy a motherload of stuff. I have enough stuff (if there is such a thing).


The Swag!

Later that afternoon, there was a course Q&A session with the Zooma founder, Brae Blackley. No offense, I didn’t want to attend. Mostly because I had dinner reservations and didn’t want to sacrifice a nice meal.

In the evening there was also an Honest Tea Mocktail Party, which due to our dinner reservations, I skipped.


My fancy lemon water.

Speaking of dinner reservations, we enjoyed a delicious meal, Chicken Marsala (stick with what you know the evening before race day) and even splurged on a little dessert. I skipped alcoholic beverages. It was a spectacular dinner spent with the hubby.

We traveled around the cape for a bit taking in the evening sights. Once we arrived back at the hotel, I set out my race clothes, fuel etc. that I would need for the following morning.


I decided on the T-shirt vs. the tank

We had an early night (by 9:30 I was ready to sleep) and knew the excitement of the race in the morning would interfere with a good nights sleep. Easily I woke up 20 times (either to roll over or to peek at the clock). The downfall of a race-cation is not having a familiar bed to sleep in.

The morning came, with the trumpeting of my alarm at 6:00 am. I was awake at 5:20 am, so the alarm was just my signal to actually get out of the bed. First I ate my banana and oatmeal (which I brought from home to be able to have my run approved breakfast). Then I drank some water, brushed teeth, dressed and did my hair. Off to the start we go!

The 10K racers lined up ahead and had a 7:30 start and the half marathoners had a 7:35 start behind them. It was actually well-organized start, at least from my experience.

My plan for the race, after much visualizing and training review was to start and maintain a 10:15 pace up until about mile 9, then give myself leeway to pace back to a 10:25. My goal being a 2:15:00. Mind you, I haven’t run a fast enough pace to quite hit the 2:15 goal. I was realistic and knew I would slow even if I started at a slower pace because the rolling hills and inclines were located on the back half of the course, where fatigue would start to set in for me anyway.

IMG_5029At the race start, I was out of the gate at a 10:02, which I managed to slow to a 10:04. I felt good and decided I’d keep it here and see how it went. It’s a race after all, I’m supposed to push my limits. I knew if I felt like it was too hard, I had wiggle room to pace back and regroup. The Shining Sea Bikeway was part of the course, and I had a nice preview of it on the bike ride the other day. I knew it was perfect for me to do some faster intervals to keep my pace. As it turned out, I was able to keep the pace around a 10:08. I lost myself in some of the views and threw off my pace, which disappointed me. I had fallen back to a 10:12 in my daydream and had to pick up the pace for 60 intervals to get back to 10:07-10:08. My 10K time was IMG_50281:02:XX. Then the rolling hills came after we exited the bikeway. They are not big hills, but after a few of them, the legs start to cook. Actually, my left leg was bugging me at the start of the race (days before too) and limited my mobility. Which I needed those muscles on the hills. By mile 10 I was feeling it badly, but knew I was only a 5K from the end. Single digits! I pushed through and mentally felt good. Focused on trying to maintain good form to reduce pressure. I’m still working on perfecting my form.

Overall, I paced back further than I should have in those last miles, but finished strong at a 2:15:54 which I am ecstatic with! A new PR by 8 minutes +/-. A huge smile on my face, I did it. A great race and learning experience as to how my fitness has improved for this distance in the past 6 months.

There is no better feeling after 16 weeks of training than crossing the finish line feeling successful and don’t forget–the medal! It also didn’t hurt that my wonderful hubby was there to witness it and was beaming when we met after the finish line. It’s true, he loves me.














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Zooma Cape Cod Half Marathon Training | Recap Final Week (16)

This week will be a short training, since I’m in my taper and race day is on Saturday! This post will include the training runs and then I’ll do the race-cation with race day recap in a separate post since I’ll be away and likely be too busy to sit down and post.  I will only have one long slow run and one or two 3 milers before race day. I am excitedly calm…if that’s possible. Along with the physical training for the half marathon, I’ve been beginning to shift my focus to the mental training. I definitely should have done this sooner like in the beginning.

I have started to read Chi Marathon, which so far I’m enjoying. I’m not very far into the book. I do like how it is getting me to think more about what I’m doing and why. I already know I love to run. I know I’m considering a marathon next year. But why? What do I want from completing a marathon? The medal? I have many why’s as I’m finding out. Which I may discuss in another post, another time.

Sunday: 8 miles easy

Didn’t happen. Rainy and thunderstorms most of the day and didn’t want to chance getting stuck in thunderstorms. Rain is ok, lightning…not so much. I decided I would do a workout instead. I did 3 1/2 flights of stairs, 20 times for a stair workout and through in some flies (30 lbs) 3 sets, 15 reps. Tricep rope pulls (30 lbs) 3 sets, 10 reps. Lat pulls (60 lbs) 3 sets, 10 reps. Rows (60 lbs), 3 sets, 15 reps. I also did some balancing routines and some minor core work (ins & outs and russian twists (15 lbs)). At that point I blew through 45 minutes and was ready to be done.

Monday: Rest

I set out on the 8 miler today (was supposed to be yesterday) with the goal of visualizing race day and working through the thoughts in my head, feeling my body, scanning for twinges, pains, tightness–anything that I might want to work on adjusting with form correction, stretching or rolling out, prior to race day. I couldn’t have asked for better weather. Breezy, sunny, mid-hi 60’s. A wonderful way to start Autumn. The trees are changing and beginning to explode with brilliance. One of nature’s glory in New England.

The run itself was surprisingly more difficult than I had expected it to be. My calf muscles were a little tight from running stairs on Sunday. I had thinking about it being my last longer run before race day. Eight miles I had to squeeze in when I could easily have been lazy watching TV or reading at home. I ran trying to visualize race day. How I wanted to feel when I started out. What pace seemed to feel good and sustainable. How pushing to the finish would be exhilarating. Yet my body felt tight and I had to keep forcing limbs and shoulders to relax.

I tried too hard getting my form right and once I decided I would just let it all go, the run suddenly had bounce and freedom. Suddenly my form was better, my arms and legs were loose and I just powered along. Lesson: Don’t over-think things. It wasn’t my sore muscles making it hard, it was all in my head…literally.

 Note: Weather forecast is still exceptional for the race-cation! It makes my heart skip a beat with happiness.

Tuesday: 3 miles

Normally I wouldn’t run after a long run, but 8 miles isn’t really that long in the grand scheme of things. I also want to give my body two days of rest (no running) before race day and focus on stretching and rolling out. I’ll be getting enough exercise walking around the expo and the beach with my hubby before the race.

Today was another gorgeous Fall day. The sun was out. Breezy and in the high 60’s. My RB joined me for this 3 miler, which made my day. My RB has registered for the CHaD HERO, that I’m also running. I convinced her to take the plunge. She has run along with me on many training runs and has basically “trained” for this without even knowing it. It should be a blast having a buddy to run with.

Wednesday: 3 miles (last run before race day)

Just a quick 3 miles today, again with my RB. Another gorgeous day for running. The best part of Autumn is the cooler temps. It’s still 70 degrees, but there’s a chill to it you don’t have in the Spring. And lets not forget the breezes. The LAST run of training.

16 weeks have gone by. So many training days and they are done. Now I get to lay low, rest up, stretch and roll muscles and enjoy the rest.

My next post will have tidbits about the race!

Keep running!



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Don’t be so judgy

 As runners, we are in the same book so-to-speak, but often on different pages, chapters even. Stop. Stop it right now! What? Stop basing your achievements on what others are doing. 

If you feel like you had a great run and some dude ran by you at the speed of light–that doesn’t mean you’re doing poorly. Stop comparing yourself, judging yourself, on someone else’s chapter in life. That dude, he could be having the best run of his life and be just as shocked as you on his graceful speed {different page}. He could also feel like it’s the worst run of HIS life. You don’t know. His reason from running may be different from yours {a different chapter}. We assume we know so much based on a few seconds of viewing someone else. A pitfall of first impressions.

36894c78be9edba1d3f8b57d722817f1I say this to you, but also to myself. ^arm raising. I’m guilty. I see someone running and if I’m faster, I feel good. And when I’m not faster, I feel slow (like pat my back feel for turtle shell slow). I have to remind myself (and my competitive nature) that I’m not the fastest clearly runner (nor the slowest) and I’m really okay with that. I need to be less judgy. I don’t train nearly enough in a capacity that will increase my speed. I don’t focus on speed work nearly enough. Running is usually my play.

The point here has been said. You need to focus on YOU. Your chapter. Your page. Don’t sweat what other people are doing. Nod and smile. Be thankful that person who gives the sport of running that much more just by DOING it, no matter the pace. It only matters you are out giving to and growing the sport.


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A race day packing list to calm your jitters

Whether you’re planning to run your first race or have run many, it’s easy to forget important items on race morning when your mind seems to be doing it’s own racing in all different directions. In the days before race day, you’re most likely going to be nervous and having a race day packing list will help calm your jitters.

I am a planner. I’ve always been one that needs to write stuff down or make a list. I even have an actual race calendar planner, so if I see races I might want to do I can jot them down on a calendar and make notes. For others that aren’t planners, you’ll want to stray from that mentality and at least work on a checklist of things you will need. After doing all the training runs and hard work preparing your body for race day, the least you can do is get organized and be ready to encounter just about any race day snafoo.

You’ll want to plan for pre-race, during race and post-race items. Many items will remain on the list for many races. Some items may be more seasonal.

Here are some of the things I pack or my running buds pack for race day.

Pre-Race Items:

  • Race confirmations, parking instructions, course map, etc.
  • Body Glide or vaseline for those of you who experience chafing (often under arms or upper thighs). No one wants to feel THAT burn during the post-race shower.
  • Lip balm with SPF.
  • SPF/Sunscreen. Protect that skin!
  • Hat, visor and/or sunglasses. Hats are great for keeping rain and sunshine out of your eyes.
  • Safety pins. Most races have these, but incase they don’t have them in your race packet or at packet pickup, you can pin them to your racing shoes to avoid forgetting them.
  • Deodorant (no one wants to smell you any worse than you have to).
  • Water!
  • Toilet paper. Even a couple of handfuls. This is especially the case if the race you are attending has participants and spectators in the thousands or tens of thousands. Toilet paper will go fast with pre-race jitters and the quantity of people using the facilities. No one wants to drip-dry or worse!
  • Identification. Often needed for packet pickup. Passport if you are travelling out of the country.
  • Cash. Even a small amount to buy water or a quick snack.
  • If you are travelling to a race, pack your pre-race meal that you’ve eaten before running during training. You can’t count on a hotel to have everything.
  • Bag for bag-check. Some races require clear draw-string bags.
  • Pack a book to read or magazines if travelling or flying to race.
  • Timing chip and/or race bib if you had it mailed to you prior to the race.
  • Hydration bottle holder or belt (if you do not plan on making stops at hydration stations).
  • Running belt (to hold your race fuels if you are not using the ones provided at the event).
Tips for the day before the race:
Don’t eat anything new or different
Rest your feet and stretch
Set your alarm
Make sure to charge your GPS watch or phone
Prepare your mind, review your goals, splits and race strategy and then “shut off” your mind.
Get to sleep early (good luck with that!)


  • Watch or GPS. I love my Garmin.
  • Gels or sports drink if you’ve trained with them. The event might have an energy gel station or sports drink station, but they might not supply the brand you trained with and could compromise your run.
  • Bandages for blisters or for men to protect their nips.
  • Outfit: Shirt (Singlet, tank, tee or long-sleeve as weather suggests), sports bra, shorts or tights, socks, SHOES, coat or vest (as weather suggests); Old sweatshirt or tee you can toss after a few miles. Make sure whatever you pack for clothing, it’s something you’ve worn and tested during training runs. That way you don’t run into any uncomfortable surprises.


  • A clean, dry change of clothes: Socks, shirt, shorts/pants, bra for ladies, jacket if temps suggest needing one.
  • Snacks (banana, granola bar, if there isn’t post-race food or the line is outrageously long)
  • Towel/Wipes. There aren’t usually shower facilities available post-race and if you plan on sticking around post race, everyone would appreciate you not dripping sweat and smelling like stinky feet.
  • Ibuprofen
  • CELEBRATE! Yes, you did it!

Good luck if you are preparing for race day. 

Keep running!

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Zooma Cape Cod Half Marathon Training | Recap Week 15

I jinxed myself talking about how well training was going. Saturday night I landed in the ER for a minor issue that needed to be taken care of. My doctor’s office was closed, being the weekend, so I had no choice but go to the ER. Silly really for what I felt was really not an “emergency”.

With that being said, the doc said I had to wait 24 hours to run, which meant my Sunday long run was postponed.

Sunday: 9 mile run slow

Egg Beater omlet with PB toast and avacado.

Egg Beater omlet with PB toast and avacado.


No run. No weights. Dr’s orders. Hoping to schedule this in on Monday. I opted for a yummy breakfast. Egg beater omlet (2 egg) with PB WW toast (with Agave drizzle) and avacado.

Monday: 9 mile run slow

Monday’s are usually a rest day for me (the day following a long run). This week I had to bump my long run to Monday in order to get it in. Normally Monday’s I have no motivation anyway…back to work after fun weekends and there just isn’t enough coffee. On top of lack of motivation, my youngest son had a soccer practice, which is unusual. Thankfully my hubby took him and I could run. He’s the bestest.

I still had a half hour run home, light was fading fast!

I still had a half hour run home, light was fading fast!

I left a little later for my run than I had hoped to (got sucked into a show my hubby was watching on TV). Normally not a big deal, but it’s an evening run and the daylight is quicker to fade. About mile 5 my phone died (right after I took this pic). No more music, no clock. I was disappointed to lose my tunes–I was enjoying the new playlist I put together. I know I didn’t do 9 miles. I guestimate about 7.5 miles. It was getting dark quickly (another sign Fall is nearing). I didn’t have a flashlight and I like to be visible when road running. I took it as a sign to head home.

Tuesday: Rest

I had full intentions of resting today. The weather had started out rainy and gloomy which was perfect for a rest day. I had an afternoon appointment, which was going to “crunch” my free time anyway. Then, my RB sent me a text wanting to run. I was out of my afternoon appointment and the SUN had made an appearance. So much for resting. I didn’t want to push too much, still keeping my eye on my knee (twinges). We did a slow

New Foam Roller

New Foam Roller

3.25 mile run, and it felt good. No pain. If I had run the full 9 yesterday, I would’ve passed on the run to get some recovery.

I also bought a new foam roller ($12.99 at Marshalls) which was fantastic for rolling out my leg muscles. Stretching and icing to cover all bases. Also BioFreeze is my friend.

Wednesday: Spinning Class 1 hr (first time ever!)

I endured my 1st ever spinning class. 45 minutes of pure agony and grit. To think this is a beginner class. Now, mind you, I’m in pretty descent shape. It’s all about how far you push yourself. I guarantee I will be feeling this tomorrow. My lady parts are all ready feeling the ill nature of the spinning “sadle”. Now at least I have an idea of what another class would be like and some of the lingo of spinning, hand placements and that my seat is considered a “sadle”. I definitely see how spinning or using my fitness bike at home could really benefit my running.

On top of the spinning class today, I decided to add a 4 mile run to the day…just incase I can’t move tomorrow to do my run. If I feel good tomorrow, I’ll do a 3 miler. If I feel stiff, sore and not up to it I will REST. Rest is important. Plus, my son has soccer & tomorrow is my wedding anniversary and who knows, we might make last minute plans.

Thursday: 4 miles steady 

I did 4 miles yesterday incase I needed to rest the legs tonight from spinning yesterday. My legs feel great (compared to how I thought they would feel). My knees got a little BioFreeze treatment. I had the intention of doing a run today, but didn’t because my boy had a soccer game and hubby and I had a dinner date. Can I say Pina Colada Margarita?! Not part of my regular diet, but it was delicious. And I only had one (it was HUGE).


Friday: Rest

One of my BFFs signed me up to do a FREE self-defense class with her. I’ve never done anything of this nature (other than shoot a gun, that’s fun too). As far as this, it will definitely benefit me more, since I think it’s best for me to NOT run with a gun. Plus, it’s good to know for anytime, not just running safety. I couldn’t have camera on the floor, so no pics. I did learn a couple of key techniques that I can only hope to remember in a panic state. I hope to attend the next class, which will hopefully have a couple of techniques to defend from attacks from behind whereas the techniques tonight focused on facing altercations. Did you know it only takes 2.5 lbs. of pressure to break a collar bone? No, mine is not broken–just a surprising fact.

Saturday: 4 miles easy

It was a brisk morning to say the least. Usually I head out around 7 am.  At only 34 degrees out and no RB to meet today, I decided to sit down and enjoy a coffee and run a little later. As I opened the fridge to get my coffee creamer I realized OUT OF CREAMER!!! Agghh. Mornings are bad enough. Mornings without coffee are worse. So I skipped the coffee…I don’t like milk in it and can’t drink it black. I don’t use sugar so my creamer is what sweetens the deal. Oh well.

About an hour later I headed out, in my new Nike Dri-Fit 2.0 Tights for my 4 mile run. I had my headphones charged, however my music was intermittent for a while. Not sure why, I haven’t had this issue with my JayBird Freedom Bluetooth ear buds before. Then it became super obvious the tights were a mistake. They kept falling down. They’re size medium and apparently they should be a small. This makes me sad. They are a color I’ve been dying to have and it sucks that I’m going to have to use them for gym workouts instead of running.

My socks clearly do not match my tights

My socks clearly do not match my tights

As you can see the hill repeats I wanted to incorporate into my training just haven’t been happening. I will definitely have to try to incorporate them a couple of weeks between this race and the next (in October). Perhaps it would be better to throw in some repeats post short run in order to not try lacing up an extra day to do them.

I’m concerned about my long run scheduled for tomorrow. The weather forecast is looking poor. I may have to do an evening run to avoid thunderstorms. I’m in my taper, next week is the LAST week of training–my race is in 6 days!

My favorite purchase for the week is a book. CHI Marathon by Danny Dreyer. I’ve followed some of the basic (very basic) components of Chi running. See my previous post. I have not read a book on it, so I’m downloadinterested in more ways it can benefit my running and more importantly marathon training should I choose to go that route. Still thinking about it. The seed has been planted in my head. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll have some thoughts to post on this book as I read along and how it relates to my running experiences.

Keep running!

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3-2-1 Let the weather stalking begin

Just a quickie today.

There comes a point in every runner’s training when you get close enough to race day –you can now see race day weather in the extended forecast. Yes, I’m guilty. No, I’m not ashamed. I’m a weather stalker.

After all the hard work, missed events, scheduling negotiations, long runs and such, checking the weather is almost icing on the cake. You know you are THAT close to race day. It’s almost here! Excited? Me? Well yeah!!

Anyway, here’s how it looks for the race-cation:

Day Sep 25 [Arrival Day]


70°F High

Day Sep 26


70°F High

Day Sep 27 [RACE DAY]


68°F High

Can’t believe how good this forecast is. Hoping it stays this good, but who knows…for now my fingers are crossed and spirits are high:)

Keep running.

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Zooma Cape Cod Half Marathon Training | Recap Week 14

Almost there. So many thoughts I don’t even know where to begin. Many of you who have trained can probably appreciate what I’m about to talk about. Prepare for a brain dump.

Today (Sunday), I had that moment when you’re running the last long long run of training after weeks of runs, schedule changes, life’s curveballs, cross-training, early nights, tight muscles…and on and on…and you realize you are on the home stretch. The best part is…I feel fantastic. I might have missed runs, but I feel good. Which is the feeling I need to hold on to going into my race.

Sunday: 12 miles slow

After the past few days of heat and humidity, it was a wonderous morning to wake up and have a breezy 60 degrees, sunshine and undetectable humidity. Supreme-O weather for a long run. I had headed out on my own, 15 minutes behind schedule and even forgot my pre-long run Gatorade drink. I briefly considered how much this might suck, but refused to let it come between me and what I hoped would be a good run. The weather was just THAT good. Anyway, I headed out with my new hydration belt. Which I had to adjust a

Nathan Mercury 2 Hydration belt (2 10oz. bottles)

Nathan Mercury 2 Hydration belt (2 10oz. bottles)

few times to find it’s “sweet spot”.  About 3 miles in, I got a text from my RB (run bud) who wanted to join, so I looped back around and we continued on together. A pleasant surprise. I felt so good during this run, popping energy beans around miles 6-7 and continue to pop them throughout the run until about mile 9. I hadn’t fueled with those before and wanted to give them a try because I can gradually eat them instead of sucking down a GU. I like them. I think they were helpful. Getting them open was another story. I’ll definitely open them pre-race to not run into that snafu again. Oh, did I mention I felt so good I ran 13 miles instead of 12?! Yeah buddy.

Monday: Rest

Resting is easy.

Tuesday: 4 miles slow

Today was more of a “recovery” run. A 4 mile run with my RB. Today I was dealing with some PVC’s prior (and during) my run, which left me short of breath. Nothing serious, but made my run much more difficult and slower than I ever anticipated. It was tough, where a short run like this should’ve been a breeze with temps in the mid 60’s! I focused on running the mileage and ignored my pace. Pace was a 10:54:/ Stretched post-run and was happy to touch my toes for the first time in a long time. Haha!

Wednesday: Rest/Cross-train

I decided to switch today to a run day, because the forecast for Thursday was T-storms and I don’t mind running in rain…but not lightening. I did some dynamic stretching to warm up and loosen up some more. Muscles are tight. My RB was able to join me for the last minute switch-a-roo and we headed out for a 5 mile loop around towns in favorable weather. We both felt good and ran around a 10:00 pace, which then averaged slower IMG_4919(10:30) because we had a couple of hills that slowed us down. We had a few good laughs too along the way…which I don’t know about you, but laughing slows me down.

Thursday: Rest/Cross-train

Resting the legs, but toning and strengthening my core, chest, back and arms. Good stuff. I love how far my body has come.

Friday: Hill Repeats 6x

Sorry this didn’t happen. I have no good excuse other than being tired, lazy and mentally drained. There has been much going on and I lapsed into my recliner for too long. I did do some stretching and core for about 15 minutes…nothing to brag about.

Saturday: 4 miles easy

My RB and I went on a very cool run. It was only 44 degrees this morning and geez welcome to early Fall. I wore capris and a T-shirt (rookie mistake I know) but I didn’t have my long-sleeves unpacked (I stored them in a tote during the summer). My arms and hands were FREEZING…brrrr. It took about 3 miles to actually warm up. We ended up running a common route and added a half mile to it. Total distance was 4.5 miles and averaged a 10:40 pace. Slower than usual and felt great.

Later that day, I landed in the ER. Nothing serious, but needed attention and my doctors office was closed. I have to wait 24 hours to run or lift weights. This doesn’t make me happy!

Next recap will include my taper miles. And hopefully a rescheduled long run.

Keep running!





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Why I blog about running.

Running isn’t the same to everyone. Some don’t. Some do. Some more than others. I have friends that joke they’ll get one of those 0.0 stickers because that’s how much they run vs. my 13.1 sticker.



For me, running is a big part of my life. It’s my PLAY time, it’s a commitment to myself for myself. I think about it everyday and usually more than once (even if it’s a rest day). It might sound…obsessive…but when you truly enjoy something you look forward to it and MAKE time for it.

My blog might make it seem like running is all there is to my life. It’s a big part, but not all of it. I use my blog as an outlet to discuss running, my accomplishments, my fails, tips, whatever it may be…that my non-runner friends and family might not want to be bombarded with on a day-to-day basis. Blogging lets me talk about it and share with those who are interested and choose to read it. I realize my blog is slightly 1D because of that, but right now that’s the part of my life I’m willing to share. It’s a published journal for myself to reference for future training, races, and such. 

What I hope you get from my blog is that a non-elite runner (aka “recreational”) can set goals, crush milestones and can enjoy running and training on their own level and want to share that with the world. Recreational runners can be just as competitive with themselves and others they are racing with even if we don’t win our age group or the race for that matter. Running inspires me to live better and love more.

Keep running!


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Be prepared, not scared.

I have been basking in the glory of how well I feel finishing my last slightly higher mileage week before my taper. It’s kind of like the feeling when you go for a “free” run. You know,  no phone, GPS watch, no plan.


Speaking of plans…

I have never stuck to one particular plan, training plan that is. I’ve always varied a plan, even if slightly, to fit my needs. I’ve done this for 5K’s, 10K’s and my HM. I think it is key to reorganize a plan to fit your fitness level, but also push you to grow. Although I’m not a professional, I don’t feel any one plan is ideal for every person. Don’t be afraid to tweak it.

IMG_4918I think changing the plan this go-round is why I feel stronger and injury free. I ran longer runs for my long runs. I peaked at 12 miles (but ran 13) whereas my last plan peaked at 10 miles. I also kept my slow runs around a 10:30 pace vs. 10:50-11. I felt like my form and landing were better at the 10:30 pace. Pay attention to how your body reacts during and after a run. Maybe the softball I keep rolling under my feet at my desk (at work) helps too.


I want to be prepared…not scared on race day. I want to be able to trust in my training and know that I had good building blocks backing me up. Sometimes altering a training plan allows you to do just that. For example, I looked at beginner plans and intermediate plans and merged them together to meet in the middle. A little harder than beginner, but not quite as demanding as some of the intermediate plans. Being mindful to not build mileage too quick or over-train. Incase you’ve missed it, I’ve been blogging my training week to week recapping the plan and then what actually happened.

Have you altered a training plan before? What changes do you think benefited you the most?


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Zooma Cape Cod Half Marathon Training | Recap Week 13

Lucky number 13!  I want to scream and shout and shout it louder! In this crucial week of training I can honestly say I feel good. I (cross my fingers) am injury free and other than compromising a run here and there I am doing well in training. I am getting pumped up for the half marathon which is creeping up. As you can see if you’ve been following my previous posts, I’m changing the structure of the post a bit to see if I like it better.

The plan for the week was:

Sunday 11 miles
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 4 miles 
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 6 miles 
Friday: Hill repeats 6x
Saturday: 4 miles

Sunday: 11 miles slow

It didn’t happen, as I had mentioned in my last training week I was out of town. The weather wasn’t good and I even had a short bout of food poisoning on this day or perhaps something else. Apparently coolers do not always keep food cold enough…no matter how much ice you use:/ Hate losing a critical long run.

Monday: Rest

I wanted to be motivated enough to go for a run even though it was a rest day. The heat and humidity has been back and without opportunity for my morning runs (on weekdays), it’s tough to want to battle the heat. Opted to relax and keep it a rest day.

Tuesday: 4 miles easy

Even in the heat and humidity I FORCED myself out for a 4 mile run. It went well…but slow. I felt like I was running at race pace–but totally wasn’t. I averaged around a 10:45 pace. Regardless, I knew it was supposed to be an easy run and the weather was my savior by giving me just that.

Wednesday: Rest

My favorite day this week. It was clam bake night! The moment I wait for every year. I get to eat lobster and steamers with drawn butter. Cue the choir and a verse of Hallelujah. Yum-yum-yum in my tum-tum-tum. I did know this day was coming and was on target diet wise prior to clam bake day. I also kept the butter to a minimum. DELICIOUS!

Thursday: Scheduled 6 miles easy

Easy is not at all what happened during this run. The only “easy” part was the slow pace. It was hot. It was sunny. I didn’t bring water. The only thing that probably got me through this was having my RB with me. It was easily 85 degrees and the shade we were anticipating just was NOT there. We felt good for the first 2.5 miles. Then tanked. I figure I’ll do the 6 miler on Saturday at an easy pace and hopefully it will not take too much out of me before my Sunday long run.

Friday: Hill Repeats 6x

 Yeah, so did NOT happen. We had a party to go to. This week I’ve been cutting out my cross-training. No real reason for it. If I wanted to do it, I would have made time. I think next week I’ll be back on track as I begin my taper. 

You know you love to flip tires when a truck loaded with these makes you wish they were delivering to your house.

You know you love to flip tires when a truck loaded with these makes you wish they were delivering to your house.

Saturday: 4 miles easy

Today I ran 6 miles (since I didn’t accomplish the miles on Thursday as I mentioned above). The morning had a rude surprise for me though. 70’s and 95% humidity. Geez. My RB met me and ran 3.5 miles as she had other plans to attend to and I continued on to complete the mileage. It was nice to push through and get it done. Slow. 10:38 pace. It’s been a good week.

Keep running!

*Remember who you are and don’t forget to love yourself*


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