Let the Training Begin…Again!

Today was supposed to be my official start to my September Zooma Cape Cod half marathon training. I’ve been doing low miles (3-5) since my last HM adjusting to the warmer weather, busy work schedule and allergies. Now, I have caught a cold. Go figure!

Anyway I had planned to run a slow 5 miles today. Which, I really would go out and do if my Husband would let me out the door. He knows how crappy I feel and is putting his foot down and holding me hostage (not really) in my house to rest. I’m even off the hook for cooking dinner–Yay!

I can’t believe I’m sick again. I just had a cold back in March and now again. I’m never sick this much. I guess I should be counting my blessings as it’s not the flu or some tummy bug that is still passing around here and there. Knock on wood:/

Overall, the plan will be 5 days/week running and rest/cross training on the other days. I think I’ll max out around 45 or 46 miles per week. Hoping for a sub 2 hour half. Ambitious for me. Really, I’m hoping to just beat my previous HM time of 2:23:50 and maybe hit a 2:15:00. A bit more than my last training plan, but if I feel like my body can handle it, I’ll follow it and if it starts to feel like I’m over-training I’ll revert to my Big Lake Half Marathon training plan that I followed with success.

The plan for the week is as follows:

Today: Pass (supposed to be 5 miles easy)
Wednesday: 3 miles slow + 2 strides (20s/2m/20s) 10:10-10:40 pace + 8:30/10:40/8:30
Thursday: 5 miles slow 10:10-10:40 pace
Friday: Cycle or Weights
Saturday: 5 miles slow 10:10-10:40 pace

I’ll post a recap on Sunday of how the week actually goes…

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